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Let’s Paint A Picture Of Today's Car Shopper.

90% of their journey takes place online. They're savvy and knowledgable. By the time they get to a dealership website, 80% already know what they want.

All that’s left is a test drive.


Of car buyers want to try before they buy


Want on-demand and home-delivered test drives offered as a store format

You Can Offer On-Demand Test Drives.
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Better Test Drive = Higher Customer Satisfaction

The on-demand economy has changed expectations

A 2015 study by AutoTrader showed that customers preferred home test-drives, or test-drive centers that allowed them to drive different makes and models.

Dealers who make adjustments to their test-drive process will be better positioned to earn a car buyer’s business and deliver higher customer satisfaction.

Dealerships Are Important To Buyers

Forget the notions you hear of people wanting to buy a car entirely online.
The simple truth is that customers buy from the dealership or salesperson who provide them with the best customer experience.

In Person
Data 2015 Survey

in North America
Retail Test Drives 2015

* yearly

based on 1.8 Test Drivesper unit sold.

Accounts for 85% of Retail Sales

Stand-Out From Other Dealerships

Fact: Two-thirds of consumers say they are much more likely to purchase from a dealership that offers an on-demand experience.

It's easier than you think

In the future, while the actual components of car shopping and buying will remain the same, the execution will look different.

Convenience and shared control of the process will be essential to earning a car shopper’s business and loyalty.

But you don't have to rethink your whole business to adapt to this new reality.

Home Delivery is a preferred experience

On-demand, home delivered test drives create both the convenience and control that your customers are asking for.

We handle it all - booking, automatic text messaging, reminders, customer phone verification, and follow-up.

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