Frequently Asked Questions

We've been talking to a lot of dealerships. This is what they have been asking us.

Why does this work?

Test Drive Anything helps dealerships reach the estimated 75% of people who want home-delivered test drives offered as a store format for dealerships.

We use an "Up" system. Direct leads from online will disrupt that. Is there a way to keep customers from choosing a specific sales rep?

Yes. For dealerships on an up system, you can simply add your sales management staff instead of reps to be alerted of test drive requests. Add your staff by logging into your Dealership Dashboard. Select "Manage Reps" and add your sales managers to the system. Finally change their setting in the "Available" column to "False" and their individual profiles will not be published. When a test drive is requested, your sales managers will be notified and can accept the lead. They can then hand the lead out to the next "Up" as they see fit.

Why can't people just come to my store?

Simplicity. Customers want the easiest way to try the vehicles on their "short list" before buying. For customers this involves travelling to multiple dealerships, meeting a new sales rep each time, getting qualified again, filling out a test drive form again, waiting for the test drive to be prepared, and finally drive the vehicle. Doing this over and over is a frustrating experience. Home test drives waste less time for both buyers and dealers by giving the customer control.

What about mileage on our inventory?

We limit your delivery area to around 10km from your dealership. Mileage has not been a major concern as many of our dealerships deliver beyond this limit.

I want feature X...

We're always listening to our customers on ways to improve our product offering. We welcome you to share your thoughts about Test Drive Anything and suggest new features you'd like to see based on your experiences. Click here to leave some feedback.